Guest Speaker

On October 7th, 2021, We will be inviting a special guest, Andrew Kositkun. Attend this meeting to learn all about majoring UCLA Business Econ, experiences at UCLA Anderson MBA program, global markets, learn legitimate information on what you may see on TikTok as Forex aka Foreign exchange, insights on being a managing director and work life inside a bank.

Please send an email to to join our Discord for zoom links, events updates and more.

The New and Improved Rotaract Club SMC

Hello Everyone!

With the placement of our new board, I am proud to announce that we are giving this club a complete makeover! We are rebranding on all fronts including our meeting structure, website, newsletter and our social media pages.

Our club now aims to realign and reconnect our values to our parent organization Rotary International. The club’s purpose is to promote Networking, Community and Service. During this upcoming Fall 2021, we aim to reconcile with our local Rotarians here at the Santa Monica division of Rotary International.

This means that we will be holding virtual networking opportunities for our members to interact with diverse range of professionals that may opportune an internship.

Online game nights and competitions with prize opportunities.

& community service to show our commitment and dedication to our community.


Chloe Changprai

SMC Rotaract Business Club – President